English Speakers Are Welcome In Setúbal

What is the biggest obstacle for local businesses trying to attract tourists and other foreign customers? And what are foreign visitors to Portugal most concerned about when they think about traveling beyond the major tourist destinations of Lisbon, Porto or the Algarve?

Without a doubt, foreign visitors worry about whether they will be able to communicate. They are also concerned about whether their reliance upon a foreign language might make them feel unwelcome.

And what is the best way to overcome that hesitation? An “English Speakers Welcome” window sticker!


English Speakers Welcome sticker


This sticker on the door of a business informs every potential English-speaking customer that language is not going to be a problem, and invites them to come in.

The sticker reassures a visitor that “this is a good place to stop.” Maybe someone inside is willing to play the universally understood game of charades: point and gesture. Perhaps there is a menu in English. Possibly someone knows just enough English to get by, and maybe the entire staff is fluent.

If you are an English speaker in the Setúbal district, look for the sticker. If you are a business owner, get your sticker today. Contact us and we will deliver one to you for free.